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Apr 16

4th Annual Moog Circuit Bending Challenge

Moogfest began back in 2004 as a way to honor the ingenuity of Dr. Robert Moog.  The festival began in New York City and has since moved to Asheville where Moog spent the last 30 years of his life. The performing artists are all people who pioneer in their respective fields and have embodied the innovative spirit of Moog.  In addition to the great music, the festival also offers panels, workshops, a film festival, art installations and much more.

Keeping in the spirit of innovation, Moogfest will also host it’s 4th Annual Moog Circuit Bending Challenge. So what is circuit bending?  Circuit bending is the art of creating unique instruments by tinkering with various electronic devices such as keyboards, children’s toys, drum machines, and basically any other electrical device that generates some type of noise.  It is a very experimental and chance-based art form that is the perfect hybrid between music and electronics that so perfectly embodies Moogfest.

Each year the festival receives lots of different entries from people of all walks of life.  They select a few finalists who receive a pair of passes to the festival and the chance to showcase their work.  This year, they received so many great submissions that they had to choose five finalists.  The winners will be chosen on the last day of the festival and the top 3 finalists will win a Moog synth.  To see the finalists, check out the YouTube playlist here.

The circuit bending challenge entrants are tasked with making an instrument that creates new and unique sounds through circuit bending with a total cost $70 or less.  By confining the cost, Moog keeps the competition close to its humble beginnings while forcing entrants to create truly innovative instruments with limited resources.  Be sure to check out the circuit bending finalists as well as all of the other amazing innovations at Moogfest!

WKNC 88.1 FM Charts : April 15, 2014

Top 5 Adds:            

Rank            Artist            Recording            Label            User Supplied Version

1            WYE OAK            Shriek            Merge           

2            FUJIYA AND MIYAGI            “Artificial Sweeteners” [Single]            Yep Roc           

3            DEATH            III            Drag City           

4            DELETED SCENES            Lithium Burn            Park The Van           

5            YOUNG AND SICK            Young And Sick            Harvest           


Radio 200:

Rank            Artist            Recording            Label            User Supplied Version

1            CHEATAHS            Cheatahs            Wichita           

2            WHOMADEWHO            Dreams            Volcano-Darup           

3            CASKET GIRLS            True Love Kills The Fairy Tale            Graveface           

4            WILD ONES            Keep It Safe            Topshelf           

5            TYCHO            Awake            Ghostly           

6            PURE X            Angel            Fat Possum           

7            FUTURE ISLANDS            Singles            4AD           

8            WAR ON DRUGS            Lost In The Dream            Secretly Canadian           

9            MAC DEMARCO            Salad Days            Captured Tracks           

10            CLOUD NOTHINGS            Here And Nowhere Else            Mom And Pop           

11            REAL ESTATE            Atlas            Domino           

12            TACOCAT            NVM            Hardly Art           

13            BEAR HANDS            Distraction            Cantora           

14            OWLS            Two            Polyvinyl           

15            INCAN ABRAHAM            Tolerance            White Iris           

16            ETERNAL SUMMERS            The Drop Beneath            Kanine           

17            AGES AND AGES            Divisionary            Partisan           

18            GARDENS AND VILLA            Dunes            Secretly Canadian           

19            MR LITTLE JEANS            Pocketknife            Harvest           

20            BLACK LIPS            Underneath The Rainbow            Vice           

21            ISKA DHAAF            Even The Sun Will Burn            Brick Lane           

22            PERFECT PUSSY            Say Yes To Love            Captured Tracks           

23            KEVIN DREW            Darlings            Arts And Crafts           

24            WHITE HINTERLAND            Baby            Dead Oceans           

25            ODONIS ODONIS            Hard Boiled Soft Boiled            BUZZ           

26            BELLE BRIGADE            Just Because            ATO           

27            EAGULLS            Eagulls            Partisan           

28            COATHANGERS            Suck My Shirt            Suicide Squeeze           

29            BURNT ONES            Gift            Castle Face           

30            LYLA FOY            Mirrors The Sky            SUB POP            

Apr 15

Moogfest Artist Spotlight: Dan Deacon

Heading into the end of the night on Friday of Hopscotch 2012, I wasn’t sure I could last much longer. Non-stop concerts and drinking since 8 o’clock the night before had left me drained; yet I stumbled my way into the Pour House and up to the front amongst a crowd of particularly sweaty individuals to witness what I had been told would be the show of the festival: Dan Deacon. It wasn’t more than a few moments into his set that I felt the energy surge back through me, the cacophony of dual drums and glitch beats swaying my body back into movement.

It’s been about a year and a half since that show, and I would still be hard-pressed to think of a show that I have enjoyed more than that one and it’s why, when Dan Deacon was announced as part of this year’s Moogfest line-up, I instantly penciled in my first must-see show. Getting a chance to see him, and subsequently YACHT, is something I would recommend to any friend; thus, I say to you: plan to spend 11 pm to 1:30 am at the New Earth Main Room on Thursday, April 24 for what will surely be a fantastic show.  

Slim’s 15th Anniversary Celebration

Slim’s Downtown is hosting 5 amazing nights of music April 15 - April 19. Why? Because we’ve been here for fifteen years and if we didn’t celebrate it would be highly out of character for us.  It has been a long and lovely ride, from what we can remember (and according to the stories we’ve been told about our behavior on the mornings after).  We would like to thank everyone who has made Slim’s their living room away from their living room. You’ve helped us become the community of drunks, musicians, servers and patrons we are today as we look forward to many more great years ahead. Thank you, Raleigh, now let’s get silly.

Tuesday, April 15 (8pm)

Ranch Ghost


Turf War


Wednesday, April 16 (8pm)

The Vibekillers

The Bleeding Hearts

El Dealer

The Backsliders

Thursday, April 17 (9pm)

Whatever Brains

Spray Paint

Friday, April 18 (8pm)

Gross Ghost

American Aquarium

Left Outlet

Paint Fumes

Saturday, April 19 (9pm)

Enemy Waves 

(more tba)

Apr 14

Ticket Giveaways for Widespread Panic presented by Live Nation

Widespread Panic will be coming through Raleigh this summer, with special guest Galactic. Thanks to Live Nation, WKNC has 5 pairs of tickets to give away!

Tickets will be given away from Monday, April 14 until Friday, April 18.  Just be the correct caller when the DJ asks for calls on air to win a pair of tickets!  Tickets for this concert go on sale Friday, April 18at 10 am on Ticketmaster.com, at Ticketmaster outlets, and at 800-745-3000.

Giveaways for the week of 4/14 - 4/20

Keep it tuned to WKNC all week long for your chance to win tickets to any of these great shows below! Just be the correct caller when the DJ asks for it, and you and a friend could be hitting up some of the coolest local acts around!

Tue April 15 - Trust with Mozart’s Sister @ Pinhook

Wed April 16 - Yandrew with Odonis Odonis @ Pinhook

Wed, April 16 - Bobby Bare Jr. with Cory Branan @ Cat’s Cradle Back Room

Thu April 17 - Lonnie Walker with Paperhaus @ Kings

Thu, April 17 - Cloud Nothings with Ryley Walker @ Cat’s Cradle

Apr 13

Pissed JeansPissed Jeans

Thee TsunamisThee Tsunamis

Apache DropoutApache Dropout

The Pinhook | Durham, NC | 4/12/14

ALBUM REVIEW: The Hotelier - Home, Like Noplace Is There

Release Date: February 25, 2014

Record Label: Tiny Engines

Genre: Emo, Pop Punk

I believe the cover can say a lot about an album. This one’s a familiar image, suburbia. Though, it’s not a comforting view. The words of the album title are painted in black across the vinyl panels of this weary-looking house. It’s almost definitely a sarcastic remark. The lawn is overgrown. The hedges are misshapen. The shutters are dirtied. This doesn’t feel like home.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Oh no, another pop punk album about the suburbs.” Well, if there’s one thing that sets this album apart from — those — it’s the writing. The lyrics on a song like, “Your Deep Rest” make that very clear. You don’t have to read too far into them to see the song is about loss, particularly the loss of someone you love. It’s a theme that permeates the whole album. In “Dendron” it’s summed up with the words, “Part of your charm was the way you would push me from all of the traps that I just couldn’t see. Figures the one that was there to have tripped you up would be the one was set there by me.”  For me, these aching moments of regret are the album’s highlights. Where you felt you could have done something more. You could have somehow fixed a hopeless situation.

The Hotelier’s sophomore album, “Home, Like Noplace Is There” was released a couple months ago. While this means I’ve missed the hype train, it also means I’ve had plenty of time to let this record settle. Well, this collection of nine songs has been on consistent rotation, and it still sticks. It’s the kind of emo/pop punk hybrid that hasn’t been a rarity in the past few years. But, it’s much more endearing than most. I think when people look back on the late 00’s and early 10’s era of DIY “emo” music there are only a few bands they’ll remember. Algernon Cadwallader, Snowing, TWIABP, and The Hotelier will be among the most prominent.

In a weird way, this album also shares elements with bands like Third Eye Blind, Blink-182, and Taking Back Sunday. But here, the emotions, the guitar distortion, and the vocals, are all much more raw. What I love about this album is its tendency to conjure up memories in me, like being in middle school, waiting endlessly in carpool lines, or just the feeling of being young and aching to have a purpose, dreaming of living an unhinged life, but still so scared to leave home. It brings back memories of hopping creeks and sneaking into construction homes. The failed relationships that can’t be resurrected, the regret of letting time make its move, the snare of depression. Things that feel so strange to look back on now… “Home, Like Noplace Is There” will surely be looked back on. It’s undoubtedly one of the best rock albums of 2014.

PS: Do yourself a favor. Read the lyrics with this one.

Favorite tracks: “The Scope of All This Rebuilding”, “Your Deep Rest”, “Among the Wildflowers”

-DJ Nasty Nate

Apr 11

Shakori Hills Approaching

There’s only 6 days to go before the Spring Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival kicks off and using excited to describe how I feel wouldn’t do my feelings justice.  If you’ve never take the trip to Silk Hope for Shakori Hills, it’s hard to describe the atmosphere as it’s truly one of a kind.  It’s a family festival yet the community of returning festival-goers that’s developed has grown deep roots, making it a tight knit festival that’s always welcoming new members in.  The lineups the folks at Shakori book (in both spring and fall) bring together an eclectic mix of music from North Carolina and the world that fit together like a seamless coat of many colors.  Many of the bands return festival after festival, such as Donna the Buffalo and Driftwood, while others are performing for the first time at Shakori like Rising Appalachia and Ben Sollee.  Some of the other major acts of this spring’s festival include the Indigo Girls, the Del McCoury Band, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and Baloji & L’Orchestra de la Katuba. 

You’ll be sure to find a number of WKNC DJs out at Shakori Hills next weekend.  We’ll have a table with the other non-profit booths; stop by to say hey and to check out the other non-profit tables!  Along with plenty of music, Shakori Hills showcases a plethora of crafts, food, kids’ activities, and workshops in sustainability and music.  More information is available at http://shakorihillsgrassroots.org/.

Apr 10

Reanimator Looks to Expand


Tucked away in a little strip behind Krankie’s Coffee lies Reanimator, a self-proclaimed record, beer, book and game shop. But Reanimator is more than it claims to be. Founded in the fall of 2012, the small shop has quickly become one of the main hubs of the music scene in Winston-Salem.

Most days at Reanimator, you can find people out drinking on the front porch in folding chairs, playing the arcade machine, and perusing the various items that found a home in the store. The best comparison that comes to mind is the Island of Misfit Toys with their random collections of old and new records, books, nostalgia-inducing video games, t-shirts, custom skate decks, and many other odds and ends. While everything in the store may seem odd and disconnected, there is no doubt that all of these things belong at Reanimator.

Reanimator has served as the “Wristband City” of Phuzz Phest the past couple years, welcoming both bands and participants of the festival to Winston-Salem. Within the past year, it has also started developing a name as an art gallery and intimate show space. This past weekend alone, the shop hosted 10 different day shows for Phuzz Phest. During this time, owner Shawn and Anthony could be seen running around helping bands set up and making sure everyone was happy. They brought out a keg and Anthony even wheeled out the grill and started cooking hot dogs for everyone as the bands played. In no time at all, people fell in love with Reanimator as it quickly became the official hangout of Phuzz Phest.

Now it seems that Reanimator has expanded past where they had ever dreamed it would be. With a simple message shown below, Reanimator asks for your help to be able to better support the thriving music scene in Winston-Salem and help foster a budding art community. Not even two years old yet, Reanimator has some big dreams of making the events of this past weekend at Phuzz Phest a reality all the time. If you are interested in contributing or learning more, you can check out their crowdfunding campaign here.

"We’ve come a long way with no bank loans or investors but now we need your help to equip Reanimator to become the community space for live music, art and of course vinyl records that we know it can be. And after all, there’s nothing more punk than asking people for money. Thanks for your support!"